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Thavamani Jegajothivel Pandian

Thavamani Jegajothivel Pandian, Indian fisheries biologist (Madurai District, Tamil Nadu 15 June 1939 –

About 250 papers

Developed a model for predicting the transformation of food energy into growth

Published the paper that became a citation classic

Intake, digestion, absorption and conversion of food in the fishes Megalops cyprinoides and Ophiocephalus striatus. Marine Biology 1:16-32, 1983

Discovered haploid and tetraploid catfishes

With R. Koteeswaran. Natural occurrence of monoploid and polyploids in the Indian catfish, Heteropneustes fossilis. Curr. Sci. 76:1134-7, 1999

Obtained the first generation of  supermales (YY) in tilapia, barbs ang guppy species and superfemales (XX) in guppy species to sire monosex progenies

Demonstrated that the sperm survived in catfish for over 240 days if they were preserved at -20° C and could still be fertilized

With R. Koteeswaran. Live sperm from post-mortem preserved Indian catfish. Curr. Sci. 82:447-50, 2002

First to report that research has conclusively shown that fishes have retained bisexual potency even after sexual maturity and spermiation