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Rodolfo Pasqualini

Rodolfo Quirino Pasqualini Guzzetti, Argentine endocrinologist (Buenos Aires 20 May 1909 – Buenos Aires 18 March 2004)


Developed Pasqualini-Etala test or pitressin test for exploration of renal function

With E. Etala. Hipófisis y excreción de cloruro de sodio. Rev. Soc. Arg. Biol. 16:161-73, 1940 

Discovered Pasqualini syndrome or pseudoeunuchoidism

With G. E. Bur. Sindrome hipoandrogenico con gametogenesis conservada: clasificación de La insuficiência testicular. Rev. Assoc. Med. Arg. 64:6, 1950 

First to demonstrate the therapeutic action of sodium salicylate upon rheumatic fever

El tratamiento de la fiebre reumatica,una larga experiencia y una hipótesis personal. Prensa Med. Arg. 37(15):757-69, 1950   

Discovered oligophrenia associated with Klinefelter syndrome

With G. Vidal & G.E. Bur. Psychopathology of Klinefelter’s syndrome. (Review of thirty-one cases). Lancet 273(6987):164-7, 1957

Demonstrated antidipsetic action of pitressin (ADH)

With A. Codeville. Thirst-suppressing (antidipsetic) effect of pitressin in diabetes insipidus. Acta Endocrinol. 30:37-41, 1959  

His wife, Christiane Dosne de Pasqualini, French-born Argentine oncologist (Paris 09 February 1920 –

Authored over 400 publications


Papel bivalente del sistema inmune en el crecimiento tumoral (Bivalent role of the immune system in tumor growth). Medicina 64(3):277-80, 2004

With F. Benavides, M. Giordano, L. Fiette, A.L.B. Bruniatti, N.M. Palenzuela, S. Vanzulli, P. Baldi, R. Schmidt & J.L. Guenet. Nackt (nkt), a new hair loss mutation of the mouse with associated CD4 deficiency. Immunogenetics 49(5):413-9, 1999

With R. Laguens. A new approach to immunotherapy of cancer based on autologous T-lymphocytes (1987)

With L. Rumi, M.E. Colmerauer, R. Braylan & S.L. Rabasa. Phenomenon of enhancement associated with murine leukemia. Medicina 31(5):372-6, 1971

With F. Saal. New approach to the etiology of human lymphomas based on a murine model (1971)


With C. Giraudo Conesa & L. Rumi. An improved method for PHA culturing mouse lymphocytes using Ficoll Hypaque gradient (1976)

With L. Rumi. I. Larripa & S. Brieux de Salum. An improved method for cytogenetic studies of solid murine tumors (1974)