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Ricardo Pablo Platzeck

Ricardo Pablo Platzeck, Argentine optics physicist (Tres Arroyos, Buenos Aires Province 15 October 1912 – City Bell, Buenos Aires Province 02 February 1979)

From Bohemian descent
Specialist on construction, testing and treatment of telescope mirrors


Gaviola-Platzeck caustic test

With E. Gaviola. On the errors of testing and a new method for surveying optical surfaces and systems. Journal of the Optical Society of America 29:484-500, 1939.

Platzeck-Gaviola spectrograph

Designed the first all-reflection optics spectrograph with E. Gaviola (1943)

Designed the Platzeck-Littrow nebular spectrograph (1946)

Platzeck Non-focal Method

With A. Maiztegui & E. Gaviola. Non-focal methods for determining 2nd and 3rd contacts in total-center and angular solar eclipses. Veröff.Finn.Geod.Inst. 36:191-208, 1949.

A new visual photometer

With O.E. Ferrer. Focal Grating photometer for the determination of the difference of magnitude in double stars. Astron. Astrophys. 84:106-7, 1980.

Proposed a new type of kernel camera having only one optical surface

With J. Landi Dessy. La camara de Meinel telecêntrica. Bol. Asoc. Arg. Astron. 2 (1960)

With J. Landi Dessy. A new type of collimator for Meridian mark (1962) 

With J.C. Muzzio & H.G. Marraco. Prisma “no objectivo”. Bol. Asoc. Argent. Astron. La Plata 20:192, 1981  


Asteroid 2179 Platzeck