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Raul Pereira Valdés

Raul Agustín Pereira Valdés, Cuban pediatrician and radiologist (La Habana 05 May 1904 – United States August 1994)

Authored about 100 papers

Created intravenous angiocardiography or radio opaque angiography (1937)

With A. Castellanos & A. Garcia López. La angio-cardiografia radio-opaca. Arch. Soc. Est. Clin. 523:31, 1937  

Performed the first retrograde dye injection into aorta (chest retrograde aortography) and developed an automatic apparatus for rapid injection of the dye

With A.W. Castellanos & A. Garcia López. L’angiocardiographie chez l’enfant. Presse Med. 46:1474, 1938    
With A. Castellanos developed lower and upper cavographies

Described a new radiological sign for diagnosing aorta coarctation

With A.W. Castellanos. Un nuevo signo radiológico indirecto en el diagnostico de la coarctación de  la aorta por la arteriografia retrograda superior (1946)

With A. Castellanos introduced new technical terms

With A. Castellanos & A.V. Pausa. On a special automatic device for angiocardiography. Bol. Soc. Cuban. Pediatr. 10:209, 1938


Medicine & Physiology Nobel Prize nominee (1956, 1959 & 1960)