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Rafael Pacheco Luna

Rafael Pacheco Luna, Guatemalan ophthalmologist (Guatemala 1882 – Guatemala 16 March 1968)

Brother of naturalist Juan José Rodríguez Luna and grandson of physician and surgeon José Luna Arbizu (1805-1888)

Proposed Onchocerca volvulus as a causative agent of Robles disease (1918)

First to study and classify the ocular lesions of the Robles disease (his description remained classical)

Disturbances of vision in patients harboring certain filarial tumors. Am. J. Ophthalm. (1918)

Una nueva etiologia de las cataratas congenitas (1944)


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Two cases of onchocercosis studied twenty four years later. Guat. Med. (1940)

Manifestaciones clinicas de la oncocercosis. Guat. Med. (1936)

With A.S. Green. The Barraquer intracapsular cataract operation. Amer. J. Ophthalm. 4:595, 1921

Study upon onchocerciasis. Am. J. Ophthalm. (1921)

Contribución al estudio de la oncocercosis. Rev. Cub. Oftalm. (1920)

Uber die wichtige Rolle der Lause in der Atiologie der Phlyctane. Rev. Cub. Oftalm. 2:225, 1920

Notas preliminares sobre los trastornos de la vista observados em Guatemala en enfermos com tumores filariosos. Arch. Oft. Hisp. Amer. (1918)