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Pirovano family

Ignacio Pirovano Ayeno, Argentine surgeon (Buenos Aires 23 August 1844 – Buenos Aires 01 July 1895)

From Italian father and Austrian mother 
Developed a test for herniotomy
Designed Pirovano apparatus for continuous extension
Described a surgical treatment for cranial fractures (1878)
His nephew and son in law Aquiles Juan Pirovano Naón, surgeon (Buenos Aires 09 May 1885 – Buenos Aires 26 May 1943)

Developed Pirovano method of end-to-end anastomosis of vessels

Nouveau procedé de suture arterielle et veineuse. Revue de Chirurgie 29(10), 1909

Performed first case of homologous arterial transplant in the world

Un cas de greffe arterielle. Presse Med. 19:55, 1911