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Geminiano Tiongson de Ocampo, Philippine ophthalmologist (Malolos 16 September 1907 – 02 September 1987)

Authored 207 papers and 8 books

Designed a corneal dissector (1956) 


Perla Esperanza Oreta Dizon Santos Ocampo, Philippine pediatrician (Dagupan, Pangasinan 25 July 1931 – Manila 29 June 2012)

Authored over 200 papers and 10 books

Developed super oral rehydrating solution for diarrhea



Membership, Expert Advisory Panel on Maternal and Child Health of World Health Organization (1980-2)

President, International Society of Tropical Pediatrics (1989-92)


Child Health Foundation Medal and Prize, WHO (1985)

Langholz International Award for Nutrition 

Dogramaci Medal and Prize for Pediatric Education