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Theodor Peckolt, German-born Brazilian pharmacist and plant chemist (Pechen, Niederlausitz, Silesia 13 July 1822 – Rio de Janeiro 21 September 1912)
Published nearly 170 publications between books and papers
Performed chemical analysis of 285 plant species (for example Amazon guarana)  

Described 2 plant species: Trophis brasiliensis 1883 (Moraceae) and Momordica papillosa 1862  (Cucurbitaceae)

Performed the first analysis on chaulmoogra oil in the world (1866) before John Moss did it in India (1879)

Introduced the sapucainha oil (Carpotroche brasiliensis) for treatment of a number of skin affections (1860s)

The first to perform analysis on honey from Melipona genus bees



Agoniadin (today plumerid), a glycosid from Plumeria lancifolia, the first iridoid to be isolated in pure form (1870)

Doliarin, from Fícus doliaria and described its properties

Brunfelsin, from Brunfelsia uniflora 

Anchietin (alkaloid), from Anchietea salutaris

Andirin, from Andira sp.  

Carobin (alkaloid), from Jacaranda brasiliensis  

Carobic acid and caroba resin from Jacaranda puberula

Erythremite, from Croton lechieri   

Pocentin, from Euphorbia pulcherrima  

Tagetin (cetone), from Tagetes erecta

Timboin (alkaloid), from Serjania fuscifolia  

Urucuin, from Bixa orellana  

Becuibic acid, from Myristica bicuhyba

Apolaustic acid, from coffee plant 

Tannic acids from many plant species 

Resin and resinous acid from Tillandsia usneoides

And other compounds obtained from plant origin



Knight of Swedish Order Polar Star (1869)

Gold Medal for his collection of natural products in class of chemical substances and pharmaceutical processes, Universal Exposition of London (1862)

Gold and Bronze Medals, Universal Exposition of Paris 


His son, Gustavo Sauerbronn Peckolt, pharmacist and plant chemist (Cantagalo, Rio de Janeiro State 02 June 1861 - Rio de Janeiro 13 October 1923)
Authored over 200 publications 

With T. Peckolt & A.L.F. Ramos patented the application of Jatai resin (1888)


Novos alcalóides e princípios orgânicos obtidos de plantas da flora brasileira (1884)

With J.M. de Souza Marçal. Método sistemático para análise mineral qualitativa (1886)

Metodo prático para análise dos vegetais (1887)

Alkaloids and chemical products from Brazilian flora 




Honor Diploma from International Exposition of Wien (1883) 

Genus Peckoltia Miranda Ribeiro 1912 (Fishes)