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Pavlovsky family

Alejandro Jacobo Pavlovsky Leguizamón, Argentine surgeon (Paraná 18 August 1896 – 28 July 1976)

From Jewish Russian descent of paternal side

Authored over 400 works with 6 books

Published the first cases of free skin grafting with Padgett’s dermatome

With Mario M. Harris. Injerto libre de piel. Bol. Acad. Argent. Cir. 27:816, 1943


Criteria for resection in subtotal and total gastrectomy. Prensa Med. Argent. 42(26):1925-8, 1955

Forceps for porto-caval anastomosis in coarctation of the aorta. Bol. Trab. Acad. Arg. Cir. 35(26):740-1, 1951

With J. Schavelzon. New material for plumbing in pulmonary tuberculosis. Prensa Med. Argent. 36(26):1211-6, 1949

Tecnica operatoria para el tratamiento de las fistulas vesicovaginales consecutivas a histerectomias totales (1943)

Prolapso genital. Operación de Bouilly: modificación a la tecnica. La Sem. Medica 38(12):744, 1931

Tecnica personal para la toracoplastia superior y apicolisis extrafacial sin sección muscular. Bol. Inst. Clin. Quir. 14:1183, 19??

His brother, Alfredo Pavlovsky Leguizamón, haematologist (Buenos Aires 24 November 1907 - Buenos Aires 26 April 1984)

His doctoral thesis (under supervision of Nobel Prize winner Bernardo A. Houssay) gained international repercussion and apperared as a chapter of book The Hematopathies of Adolfo Ferrata (1935)

Described a technique of ganglionar puncture

La punción ganglionar. Su contribución al diagnostico clinico quirurgico de las afecciones ganglionares. Doctoral Thesis (1934)

First to describe B haemophilia and distinguished it from A haemophilia

With M.R. Castex & C. Simonetti. Contribución al estudio de la fisiopatogenia de la hemofilia. Medicina 5:16, 1944


With S. Brieux de Salum, S. Pavlovsky, A.E. Bachmann, I. Larripa & A. Caltabiano. A new surface adherent cell line derived from a suspension culture of human lymphoblastoid cells. Medicina 35(2):149-53, 1975

With C. Simonetti & G. Casillas. Studies on the adsorption of factor VIII: application to the purification of bovine factor VIII (1972)

With L. Kravetz de Srulijes, E.A. Holmberg & S.L. Rabasa. Nucleic acids of malignant and benign splenic hyperplasias in mice. Nature 209 (5027):1038-9, 1966

With C. Simonetti & G. Casillas. Purification of antihemophilic factor VIII (AHF). Hemostase 1:57-61, 1961

With A. Martínez Canaveri, N. Quirno & F. Etchegoyen. Pseudohemophilia produced by an anticoagulant: antithromboplastinogenic type. Prensa Med. Arg. 43(2):166-80, 1956

Contribution to the pathogenesis of hemophilia. Blood 2:185-91, 1947


Founder, International Society of Hematology (1946)

He was a rugby player

His son, Miguel Pavlovsky Coelho, hematologist (Buenos Aires 02 October 1941 -

With Maria A. Lazzari developed a technique for measuring the function of platelets (1962)

With S. Moreno. Agregación plaquetaria: tecnica para su estudio. Medicina 28 Suppl 1:49-60, 1968