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Paris Pismis

Marie Paris Pismis de Recillas, Turkish-born Mexican astronomer (Ortaköy Village, Besiktas District, Istanbul  30 January 1911 – Ciudad de Mexico 01 August 1999)

Nee Mari Sukiasyan of Armenian descent
Authored over 120 papers
Gained international recognition for her studies on ionized nebulae kinematics
Carried out some of the first photometric observations of young stellar clusters
Discovered the reason for the waves of spiral galaxies rotation curves based on different stellar populations (1960s)
Explained the structure of spiral galaxies
Demonstrated that period-luminosity relationship of RR Lyra variable stars in M3 was distinct from Cepheids stars (1940s)
Suggested the existence of Mildly Active Galactic Nuclei 
Discovered 3 globular clusters and 23 open clusters

Proposed an unified theory of central nuclear activity in galaxies