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Nicolas Puente Duany

Nicolás de la Caridad Puente Duany, Cuban anatomical pathologist and oncologist (Santiago de Cuba 06 December 1899 – Miami, Florida 17 March 1991)

Authored 266 papers, 7 monographs and 6 books

Proposed a histogenetic-based classification of breast sarcoma

Sarcoma de las mamas. Arch. Cuban. Cancerol. 13:91, 1954

Skin tumors of spinocerebellar structure and benign nature. A new clinical form. Multiple and recurring spinocrebellar epitheliomas with a tendency toward spontaneous cicatrization. Arch. Cub Cancerol. 13 (10-12):327-81, 1954

Spinous cell pseudoepithelioma (keratoacanthoma) of the skin of the anterior face of the torax: a new multiple massive and localized clinical variety. Arch. Cub Cancerol. 18 (1-3):1-14, 1959