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Mauricio Matos Peixoto

Mauricio Matos Peixoto, Brazilian mathematician (Fortaleza 15 April 1921 - Rio de Janeiro 28 April 2019)

Invited Lecturer, International Congress of Mathematicians (1974)


Attained international recognition on important results about stability of differential systems

Regarded as a pioneer in dynamical systems on surfaces  

Introduced sigma decomposition or focal decomposition concept (1982)

Introduziu all-flows space (1959)

Modified original definition of structural stability of Andronov-Pontrjagin flows  (1959)

Introduced closing lemma

Introduced  metric space sigma of differential equations  

Proved that  structurally stable flows are dense on surfaces (c.1965)

Proved that flows on closed surfaces are generically structurally stable

Demonstrated structural stability of geometric surfaces 



Peixoto theorem (1959)

Peixoto-Peixoto theorem (with Marília Chaves Peixoto)

Peixoto conjecture (1962)

Conley-Lyapunov-Peixoto graph (1959)
Peixoto picture