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Mario Parisi

Mario Nestor Parisi, Argentine cell physiologist and biophysicist (Buenos Aires 01 October 1939 –


With J. Chevalier & J. Bourguet first to find a low water permeability associated with a high aggregate surface area in the apical membrane (1983)

With J. Bourguet proposed a model for water specific pass through plasmatic membrane (1983)

With P. Ford, G. Amodeo, C. Capurro, C. Ibarra, R. Dorr & R. Ripoche proposed progesterone as regulator for water transfer in epithelial barriers (1996)

With P. Ford, J. Merot, A. Jawerbaum et al. reported the first study correlating water permeability and aquaporin mRNa expression in mammalian oocytes (2000)

First to propose that acid pH inhibits the water entrance into animal cells (later confirmed in plant cells too)

First to postulate that aquaporins present gating features  


A system for measuring water transport in cell lines culture

With R.A. Dorr, A. Kierbel & J. Vera. A new data acquisition system for the measurement of the net water flux acroos epithelia (1997)