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Makanji Kalyanji Patel

Makanji Kalyanji Patel, Indian plant pathologist (Bardoli Gujarat 28 February 1899 – Naysari, Gujarat State 28 February 1967)

Authored over 140 papers

Developed Patel agar for isolating crown-gall bacterium

With Y.S. Kulkarni showed Dolichos biflorus (kulthi) as a new host of Xanthomonas phaseoli sojense (1949)

Described more than 50 bacterial diseases from India


Alternaria burnsii 1938 with B.N. Uppal & M. Kamat (alternaria blight of cumin)

Bremia gramicola var. indica 1948

Xanthomonas badri 1950 with Kulkarni & Dhande

Xanthomonas campestris pv. Uppali (1948) that causes disease of Ipomoea muricata

Xanthomonas desmodii, a new bacterial leaf spot of Desmodium diffusum D.C. Curr. Sci. 18:213, 1949

With L. Moniz & Y.S. Kulkarni first documented Xanthomonas campestris pv. mangiferaeindicae as causative agent of black spot of mango (1948)

Xanthomonas phaseoli var. indicus 1946 with B.N. Uppal & B. Nikam (bacterial blight of French beans)

Bacterial leaf spot of Cyanopsis tetragonaloba

Bacterial leaf spot of Amaranthus viridis

With L. Moniz & B.N. Uppal described Xanthomonas desmodii-gangeticii (1948) that causes bacterial leaf spot of Desmodium gangeticum

With Y.S. Kulkarni & S.G. Abhyankar. A new bacterial leaf spot and stem canker of pigeon pea. Curr. Sci. 19(12):384, 1950

With Y.S. Kulkarni. A new bacterial leaf spot on Vitis woodrowii Stapf. Curr.Sci. 20:132, 1951

With V.V. Bhatt & Y.S. Kulkarni. Three new bacterial diseases of plants from Bombay. Curr. Sci. 20:326-7, 1951

Two new bacterial diseases of plants. Curr.Sci. 21:74-5, 1952

Some new bacterial diseases of plants. Curr. Sci. 21:345-6, 1952

With V.V. Bhatt & G.W. Dhande. A new variety of Xanthomonas alysicarpi. Ind. Phytopath. 7:182-3, 1954

With A.C. Padhya. A new bacterial leaf spot on Alangium lamarckii Thw. Curr. Sci. 31:196-7, 1962

With A.C. Padhya & W.V. Kotasthane. A new bacterial leaf spot disease on Bauhinia racemosa. Curr. Sci. 34:224-5, 1965

With S.G. Desai & A.J. Patel. A new bacterial leaf-spot on Vernonia cinerea Less. Scien. Cult. 34:220-1, 1968