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Luiz Hildebrando Pereira da Silva

Luiz Hildebrando Pereira da Silva, Brazilian parasitologist (Santos, São Paulo State 16 September 1929 - São Paulo 24 September 2014)
Considered as one of world’s foremost authorities on malaria
Authored over 120 scientific works being 80 of them about malaria

Studied molecular biology of Plasmodium sp.

Described genetic regulation of regulator genes

With H. Eisen, P.H. Brachet & F. Jacob. Regulation of repressor expression in bacteriophage. I. Proceed. Natl. Acad. Sciences 66:855-62, 1970   

Described the role of chemotactic agents as cell differentiation inducers

With M. Darmon & P.H. Brachet. Chemotactic signals induce cell differentiation in Dictyostelidium dicoideum. Proceed. Natl. Acad. Sciences 72:3163-66, 1975