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Luis de la Peña Auerbach

Luis Fernando de la Peña Auerbach, Mexican theoretical physicist (Texmelucan, Puebla State 23 July 1931 –

Authored over 100 papers and 10 books

A world pioneer in stochastic interpretation of quantum mechanics

Proposed and developed a formalism of stochastic mechanics that allows proper distinction between classical and quantum stochastic processes

Made central contributions to stochastic electrodynamics being invited to write the book The Quantum Dice: An Introduction to Stochastic Electrodynamics (1996)

With A.M.Cetto. Simple relationship between energy and adiabatic invariants for systems with a power-law potential. Am. J. Physics 52:539-42, 1984

New formulation of Stochastic Theory and Quantum Mechanics. J. Math. Phys. 10:1620-30, 1969

A simple derivation of the Schroedinger equation from the theory of Markoff processes. Phys. Lett. 24A: 603-4, 1967