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Luciano Palet

Luciano P.J. Palet, Argentine analytical chemist (died 1919)

Sobre algunos reactivos nuevos generales de alcaloides y su uso microquimico. Rev. Politecn. 10:275-80, 1909

Proposed Suessoel, a new artificial edulcorant and sweetning compound (1914)

Note sur une nouvelle reaction extremement sensible de l’apomorphine (1916)

Developed a test for the detection of selenium in sulphuric acid based upon the color produced with aspidospermine in Anales Soc. Qui. Argentina 5:121-3, 1917

An extension of the application of a mixed solution of potassium ferricyanide and ferric chloride to the characterization of alkaloids, glucosides and other substances of vegetable origin. Ann. Soc. Quim. Arg. 6:156-8, 1918

A modified Flüeckiger method for the rapid detection of morphine in the chemico-toxicological analysis of viscera. Ann. Soc. Quim. Arg. 6, 1918

With A. Sabatini. Certains modifications of the Grandval and Lajoux method for the determination of nitrates in water. Bol. Min. Soc. Nac. Minería Chile(1919)

Developed a reaction for aconitine in J. Pharm. Chim. 19:295-6, 1919

Developed a test for the identification of pyramidon based on production of a precipitate of Prussian blue known as Palet test or reaction 

A new sensitive reaction for pyramidon and its differentiation from antipyrine. Anales Soc. Quim. Arg. 6:151-5, 1918