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Kalyanapuram Rangachari Parthasarathy

Kalyanapuram Rangachari Parthasarathy, Indian mathematician (Madras 25 June 1936 –

With R.L. Hudson respected as a pioneer on quantum stochastic calculus  

With R.L. Hudson discovered a quantum Ito’s formula and a non-commutative stochastic calculus (1984)

With Schmidt & Hudson developed a theory of continuous tensor products of Hilbert spaces

Unraveled deep connections that exist between stochastic processes, free quantum fields, group representations and operator algebra 

Eponym of Hudson-Parthasarathy equations and Kostant-Parthasarathy-Ranga Rao-Varadarajan determinants (1967)

Invited Lecturer, International Congress of Mathematicians, Zurich (1994)