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Juan Papadakis

Juan S. Papadakis, Greek / Argentine agronomist, climatologist and statistician (Naxos 28 March 1903 – 1997)

Developed new varieties of wheat

Improved concepts and methodologies in climatology

Developed the concept of monthly climate (1975)

Proposed a new climatic classification (1966)

First proposed the idea of extracting information from neighboring experimental plots as a means of controlling for variation (1920)
A rapid method for determining soil moisture. Soil Science 51(4):279-82, 1941
Authored Geografia Agrícola Mundial (Agricultural Geography of the World), the first work of this kind in the world (1952)


Papadakis climate diagram

Papadakis potential evapotranspiration method

Papadakis constant (0,5625)

Papadakis method of adjustment for fertility indices

Papadakis iterated method (1970)

Papadakis covariance method (1937)

Papadakis estimators

Kriged Papadakis residual

Papadakis covariate

Papadakis analysis