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José Leal Prado

José Leal Prado de Carvalho, Brazilian biochemist (Alfenas, Minas Gerais State 08 September 1918 – São Paulo 11 January 1987)
Authored most of his works joint to his wife biochemist Eline Michelet Sant’Anna Prado (1921-2007)
Discovered metacorticoid hypertension independently of S. Fridman  
Demonstrated the tissue conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II, the first demonstration of the presence of converting enzymes in tissues
With E. A. Carlini & Z. Picarelli. Pharmacological activity of hypertension I and its conversion into hypertension II. Bull. Soc. Chim. Biol. 40:1825-34, 1958  
Performed important studies on metabolism and release of kinins
First described clostripain, a kinin from bacterial origin
First obtained urinary kallikrein in pure form 

With H.B. Nader first to show that the constitution of heparin is heterogeneous with distinct components and molecular weights (1974)

With A.C.M. Paiva & T.B. Paiva. Non-identity between pepsitensin and hypertension revealed by paper electrophoresis. Science 120:611, 1954
Isolated and characterized glycyl-bradykinin from wasp venom
With J. Ribeiro do Valle developed a method or test for pregnandiol (Leal-Valle method) and proposed a model of mice cage described in Ciencia & Cultura number 1, 1949


Invited to a position in H. Goldblatt laboratory (Mount Sinai Hospital, Cleveland) 1956


Invited to head Pharmacology Department at Université de Montreal (1967)


See Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research 20(5):485-6, 1987