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João Bosco Prolla

João Bosco Prolla, Brazilian mathematician (24 June 1935-

First to establish a vector-valued extension of Bishop’s theorem

Enunciated Prolla best approximation theorem in hyperconvex metric spaces in Numer. Funct. Anal. Optimiz. 5:449-55, 1982-3.

With L. Nachbin & S. Machado proved that the polynomials of finite type from a real locally convex space into another are dense in the space of all continuous function with the compact open topology

Introduced the concept of antisymmetric set in weighted spaces (1971)

With R.M. Aron showed that the finite type polynomials on a Banach space are exactly the weakly continuous polynomials (1980)

Generalized Von Neumann’s variant of Stone-Weierstrass theorem for continuous functions with range in [0,1] (1992)

With M.S. Kashimoto presented a Choquet-Deny type theorem for downward filtering convex sets of continuous functions (2006)

Eponym of Prolla-Machado condition