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Jayme Regallo Pereira

Jayme Regallo Pereira, Brazilian pharmacologist (Manaus 03 May 1893 – São Paulo 14 August 1963)
Authored over 100 scientific works with special focus in active principles of plants

Found that frequency of discharge from the cells of the superior cervical ganglion and other peripheral nerve cells is directly proportional to the frequency of impulses delivered to them from the preganglionic fibres

With H.O. Veach. Studies on the innervation of smooth muscle. II. On the frequency of nerve impulses entering and leaving the superior cervical ganglion. J. Physiol. 60(4):329-41, 1925
Described bilikinin, a parasympathomimetic factor of the bile (1961) and the similarity between the cholinergic effects produced by bilikinin and acetylcholine (1962)
Invented patellometer, presented in Physiological Society of London  
Physiological studies on the patellar reflex. I. The patellometer (1925)


Morphologia clinica no thorax. Thesis (1916)

On the influence of the hydrogen ion concentration upon the oxygen consumption in sea-water fishes. Biochem. J. 18(6):1294-6, 1924

Temperature and muscular excitability. Science 60(1544):102-3, 1924

On the influence of temperature on the tonus waves of the turtle auricle. Am. J. Physiol. 70(1):68-72, 1924

Siege péripherique de l’inhibition démontré au moyen d’excitation avec des courants induits à haute fréquence. J. Phys. Path. Generale 23(3):549-54, 1925

Effects of variation in frequency of stimulation of skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle with special reference to inhibition. Am. J. Physiol. 74(2):257-84, 1925

On the combined toxic action of light and eosin. J. Exp. Zool. 42(1):257-62, 1925  

Sobre a ação fisiológica do veneno do sapo. Jornal dos Clinicos 7(8):113, 1926

Contribuição ao estudo da regulação thermica (1926)

A dualidade funcional da fibra muscular. Ann. Fac. Med. Univ. S. Paulo 2:229, 1927

Ação farmacodinâmica do álcool. Arq. Paul. Higiene Mental 2(2), 1929

With S.B. Pessoa. Contribuição ao estudo da ação photodynamica da eosina. Bras. Med. 43(5):117-8, 1929

Propriedades anaphylactizante dos crystalloides. Ann. Fac. Med. Univ. S. Paulo 5:149, 1930

Dos cardiotônicos (1932)

Lei da coagulação sanguínea. Annaes Fac. Med. S. Paulo 11(3):315-7, 1935

Farmacologia de Picrasma crenata (Vell.) Engl. Anais Fac. Med. S. Paulo 14:268-96, 1938

Padronização biólogica das drogas. Annaes Fac. Med. S. Paulo 16(1):229-353, 1940

Análise cromatográfica do veneno de sapo (Bufo marinus). Rev. Bras. Biol. (1954)

With C. E. Corbett. Solução de soro albumina para o tratamento do choque

On the action of the Arnica upon the blood pressure and respiration in dogs

Maconha e outros venenos sociais. Arquivos Policia Civil São Paulo

Contribuição para o estudo das plantas alucinatórias particularmente da maconha (Cannabis sativa). Rev. Flora Medicinal 12(3)

Some pharmacological properties of the juice of the banana plants (1963)

Natural and synthetic bradykinin 


Special Invited, 500th birthday Basle University & 300th Royal Society of London (1960)