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Ivo Pitanguy

Ivo Hélcio Jardim de Campos Pitanguy, Brazilian plastic surgeon (Belo Horizonte 05 July 1923 – Rio de Janeiro 06 August 2016)
Recognized as one of the world’s most eminent plastic surgeons
Regarded as father of cosmetic surgery
Authored over 800 works between papers, book chapters and books

Authored Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery of the Head and Body (1981), a reference in this field

Developed and innovated hundreds of plastic and aesthetic surgery techniques 
Described transareolopapilar incision (1966)
Described lipoabdominoplasty independent from Calla (1967)
Established basic principles of breast plastic surgery (1959)


Aponeurotic expansion of corrugator

Block technique in frontal lifting  

Juxtapilous incision with subperiosteal displacement

Hematoma treatment post facial lifting

Manufacture of Cupid’s bow

Fat flap for definition of chin

Enlargement Mentoplasty with inclusion of a prosthesis  

Flap of the “median raphe”  

Rotation and repositioning technique of nasal ala  

Fusiform incision for resection of tumors of the nasal dorsum  

Transareolomamilar incision for increasing enlargement mammoplasty  

transareolomamilar incision for correcting reverse nipple  

Technique for correction of hypertrophic nipple  

Areolomamilar complex reconstruction

Thoracobrachial dermolipectomy

Trochanteric dermolipectomy  

A technique of aesthetic blepharoplasty

Surgeries associated to body contouring
Technique of ship inverted keel 
Round lifting
Techniques for correction of fanned ears and chin enlargement
Plicature technique of rectoabdominal muscles in abdominoplasty 

A mathematic method for following the skin aging 



Pitanguy line

Pitanguy dermocartilaginous ligament

Pitanguy fat

Pitanguy method of reduction mammaplasty 

Arié-Pitanguy mammaplasty 

Pitanguy otoplasty

Pitanguy island technique

Pitanguy technique for intraoperative symmetrical localization of nipple-areola complex

Pitanguy incision

Pitanguy nose

Pitanguy cutaneous incision

Pitanguy transareolar incision

Pitanguy point

Pitanguy semicircular excision 

Pitanguy lipectomy 

Pitanguy dermolipectomy

Pitanguy abdominoplasty 

Pitanguy cartilage island flap technique

Pitanguy flap demarcator 

Pitanguy method of protruding ear correction

Pitanguy rhinoplasty

Pitanguy mastopexy

Pitanguy keel-like resection

Pitanguy lateral brachiothoracoplasty

Pitanguy suction 

Chugay-Pitanguy technique

Pitanguy principles for projection of the submammary fold

Pitanguy breast marker

Pitanguy abdominal marker

Pitanguy clamp 

Pitanguy demarcation forceps

Pitanguy curative forceps

Pitanguy grasping forceps

Pitanguy sling

Pitanguy nasal osteotome

Costa-Pitanguy helmet

Pitanguy rhitidoplasty marker

Martel-Pitanguy forceps


Doctor Philosophiae Honoris Causa, Tel Aviv University