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Horacio Guillermo Pontis

Horacio Guillermo Pontis Videla, Argentine plant biochemist (Mendoza 24 March 1928 - Mar del Plata 05 August 2019)

Brother of plant pathologist Rafael Pontis Videla

First to report fructose-containing nucleotides in fungi (with James & Baddiley; 1960) and plants (with Gonzalez; 1963)

With N. Gonzalez. Uridine diphosphate fructose and uridine diphosphate acetylgalactosamine from Dahlia tubers. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 69:179-81, 1963

Synthesized the fructose 2-phosphate, the first ketose in literature or the first sugar phosphate with P group linked to hemiacetal-hydroxyl group

With C.L. Fischer. Synthesis of D-fructopyranose 2 phosphate and D-fructofuranose 2-phosphate. Biochem. J. 89:452, 1963

Demonstrated that the metabolism of fructans was regulated by hormone action (1965)

Separation of fructosans by gel filtration. Anal. Biochim. 23:331-67, 1968

Proposed the role of fructans in tolerance to freezing temperatures (1985) and as osmotic regulator (1971) 

Fructans and cold stress. J. Plant Physiol. 134:148-50, 1989 

With R. Durán demonstrated the existence of sucrose enzymes in unicellular eukaryotic organisms in Mol. Cell. Biochem. 16:149-52, 1977

Proposed the role of sucrose as a signaling molecule in plants

On the scent of the riddle of sucrose. Trends Biochem. Sci. 3:137-9, 1978

Described sucroglucans, members of a new series of non-reducing sucrose derivatives

With W.A. Vargas & G.L. Salerno. Structural characterization of the members of a polymer series compatible solutes in Anabaena cells exposed to salt stress. Plant Science 172(1):29-35, 2007  

First to demonstrate an invertase activity in a organelle

With W.A. Vargas & G.L. Salerno. New insights on sucrose metabolism: evidence for an active A/N Inv in chloroplasts uncovers a novel component of the intracellular carbon trafficking. Planta 227:795-807, 2008 


With E. Cabib & L.F. Leloir. An improved method for the isolation of some nucleoside diphosphate sugar from yeast. Biochem. Biophys. (1957)

With N.L. Blumson. A method for separation of nucleotides by concave gradient elution (1958)

With G.L. Salerno. Sucrose phosphate synthetase. Planta 142(1):41-8, 1978

With A.F. Puebla, M.E. Battaglia & G.L. Salerno. Sucrose-sucrose fructosyl transferase activity. A direct and rapid colorimetric procedure for the assay of plant extracts. Plant Physiol. Biochem. 37(9):699-702, 1999 


Correspondent Member, American Society of Plant Biologists