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Henrique Walter Pinotti

Henrique Walter Pinotti, Brazilian gastroenterologist (São Paulo 27 May 1929 – São Paulo 21 June 2010)

Son of Italian immigrants

Cousin of gynecologist José Aristodemo Pinotti
Authored 817 works and 38 books and monographs


Cardiomyectomy with partial fundoplication (1974) known as Pinotti operation
First subtotal esophagectomy via cervicoadominal with diaphragm transection (1974)

Esophagocardiomyotomy with esophagogastropexy

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Extrapleural approach to the esophagus through frenolaparotomy. Rev. Assoc. Med. Bras. 22 (2):57-60, 1976
Subtotal esophagectomy by transmediastinal tunnel without thoracotomy. Rev. Assoc. Med. Bras. 23 (11):395-8, 1977  

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An anti-reflux procedure

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Pinotti maneuver

New approach to the thoracic esophagus by the abdominal transdiaphragmatic route. Langenbecks Arch. Chir. 359:229-35, 1983

Heller-Pinotti technique

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Proposed a balloon for hydrostatic dilatations

Instrumento dilatador da cárdia para tratamento do megaesôfago. Rev. Assoc. Med. Bras. 15:271, 1969


New instrument for general surgery, especially for gastrectomy. Surgery 62(5):975-7, 1967 
Proposed a balloon-catheter (1966)


Commemorative Medal, IX Centenary, Bologna University (1988)

Honorary Academic, Roman Academy of Surgery (2003)