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Helio Gelli Pereira

Hélio Gelli Pereira, Brazilian virologist (Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro State 23 September 1918 – Rio de Janeiro 17 August 1994)
Of Italian descent from maternal side


Known internationally for his work on vertebrate viruses

Elucidated the nature of the fibre, penton and hexon antigens of adenoviruses and first revealed the morphology of adenovirus

With R.C. Valentine. Antigens and structure of the adenovirus. J. Biol. Mol. 13:13-20, 1965

Discovered picobirnavirus (PBV), a new virus group with segmented double-stranded RNA

With T.H. Flewett, J.A. Candeias & O.M. Barth. A virus with a bisegmented double-stranded RNA genome in rat (Oryzomys nigripes) intestine. J. Gen. Virol. 69:2749-54, 1988

Discovered picotrinavirus (PTV)

With S.P. Monteiro, A.M. Fialho & J.P. Gagliardi. Viruses with segmented double-stranded RNA in chickens. Arq. Bras. Med. Vet. Zootecn. 43(2):141-6, 1991
With A.M. Fialho & T.H. Flewett. Novel viruses in human faeces. Lancet 71(2):103-4, 1988 

With I.J. Green, S.C. Hung, P.S. Yu & C.W. Lee. The isolation and characterization of a new influenza type B virus on Taiwan. Amer.J. Hyg. 79:107-112, 1964

With J.H. Darbyshire, P.S. Dawson, P.H. Lamont & D.C. Ostler. A new adenovirus serotype of bovine origin. J. Comp. Path. 75(3):327-30, 1965

With N.J. Knowles & L.S. Buckley. Classification of porcine enteroviruses by antigenic analysis and cytopathic effects in tissue culture: description of 3 new serotypes. Arch. Virol. 62(3):201-8, 1979  

With S. Takimoto, H. Tanaka, L.F. Gomes et al. Preliminary characterization of a new virus isolated from the spinal fluid of patients with meningitis in São Paulo, Brazil. Rev. Inst. Med. Trop São Paulo 32(3):162-7, 1990



With R.S. Azeredo, J.P.G. Leite, Z.P. Andrade & L. Castro. A combined enzyme immunoassay for rotavirus and adenovirus (EI/RA). J. Virol. Methods 10:21-8, 1985
Established test that employ immunofluorescence technique for daily use in blood banks
Developed Pereira technique of removing virus-serum mixtures from tissue culture tubes

Developed a test for diagnosing peripheral and enteric rota and adenovirus

With J. Travassos. A quantitative agglutination method for study of the specific agglutination of micro-organisms. J. Gen. Microbiol. 7:61-8, 1952

With G.C. Schild & M. Henry Aymard. A quantitative, single-radial diffusion test for immunological studies with influenza virus. J. Gen. Virol. 16(2):231-6, 1972

With V.S. Gouvea & L. de Castro. A combined dot nitrocellulose enzyme immunoassay for rotavirus and adenovirus. J. Virol. Methods 18(1):57-65, 1987

With J.I. dos Santos, B. Galvão-Castro, D.C. Mello & M.S. Pereira. Dot enzyme immunoassay. A simple, cheap and stable test for antibody to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). J. Immunol. Methods 29(2):191-4, 1987

Honorary Member, Société Française de Microbiologie (1961)