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Genésio Pacheco

Genésio Pacheco, Brazilian bacteriologist and veterinarian (São Fidelis, Rio de Janeiro State 05 May 1890 – Rio de Janeiro 06 February 1973)
Authored about 300 publications


Discovered Pacheco disease of parrots

With O. Bier. Epizootie chex les perroquets du Brésil. Relations avec Le psittacose. C.R. Séance Soc. Biol. 105:109-111, 1930


Discovered a new disease affecting  freshwater fishes being caused by an ultra virus

Doença de peixes fluviaes do Brasil. Mem. Inst. Oswaldo Cruz 30(3):327-71, 1935

Showed an unknown type of fuchsinophilic granulation in genus Corynebacterium (1933)


With A. Godoy modified the method for preparing Litmus whey by using a kaolin for facilitating the filtration (1924)

A new way to prepare Petruschky milk serum

With A. Godoy. Nouveau mode de préparation du petit-lait de Petruschky. C.R. Soc. Biol. 90:243, 1924

Developed a rapid method for laboratorial diagnosis of bacillary dysentery in 24 hours (1927)

Developed a new device used for bloodletting in great animals 

Novo aparelho para sangria de grandes animais. Arq. Inst. Biol. 2:137-40, 1929  
With J. Toledo de Mello. Novo methodo para pesquisa do hydrogenio sulfurado nas culturas bacterianas. Annaes Fac. Med. S. Paulo 7(2):93, 1932
Created a conservation method for staining fluids (1936)

Proposed an economic method of marking Guinea pigs and rabbits (1937)

With A. Trejos. Influence of pyocyanine on staphylocoagulase with a method for determining pyocyanine. Bras. Med. 59:169, 1945
With M.T. de Mello. A urease test for the differentiation of Brucella suis. J. Bacteriol. 59:689-91, 1950

With C. Rodrigues modified Rothberger culture medium


Modified Barsiekow culture medium

Developed Pacheco-Mello agar medium  



Genus Chiostichorchis 1932 with Artigas

Chiostichorchis myopotami 1932 with Artigas

Dipetalonema travassosi 1933 with Artigas

Pudica maldonadoi 1933 with Artigas


Actinobacillus psittacosis 1934

Brucella evansi 1933

Proteus americanus 1928

Salmonella nocardi 1931

Shigella hissrusselli 1930 with Rodrigues


Trypanosoma myocastori 1934 with Artigas