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Fritz Plaumann

Friedrich (Fritz) Plaumann, German-born Brazilian entomologist (Preussisch Eylau, Prussia 02 May 1902 – Seara, Santa Catarina State 22 September 1994)

Discovered and collected 1,469 entomological species and subspecies (Orthoptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera, Hemiptera, Coleoptera, Neuroptera, Lepidoptera), 124 in Hydrocaridae, 12 mites, 4 spiders, one mollusk and an amphibian new to science

With Carl J. Drake described three new species in Hemiptera: Xiphovelia lacunana 1953, Microvelia novana 1955 and Zetekella pulla 1956

Entitled the foremost insect collector of Latin America in the 20th century by Californian Academy of Sciences


Ueber das Sammeln im brasilianischen Urwald. I. Koleopt. Rdsch. 23:236-43, 1937

Beitrage zur Lepidopterenfauna von Sta. Catharina, SudBrasilien. Entomol. Rdsch. (1938)

Ueber das Sammeln im brasilianischen Urwald. II. Revta. Entomol. 11:908-20, 1940

Die Entstehung des Lebens. Vollig dewe Anschawgen aber die Entstehung des Lebens und der Menschen (1949)



Plaumanniolinae Costa Lima 1962 (Coleoptera)

Plaumanniinae Lundblad 1936 (Acari)


Plaumannia Lundblad 1936 (Acari)

Plaumanniana Malaise 1942 (Hymenoptera)

Plaumanniella Fisher 1938 (Coleoptera)

Plaumannimyia Hering 1938 (Diptera)

Plaumanniola Costa Lima 1962 (Coleoptera)

Plaumannion Masner & Johnson 2007 (Hymenoptera)

Plaumannister Reichensperger 1958 (Coleoptera)

Plaumannita Bechyné 1954 (Coleoptera)

Plaumannium Liebke 1939 (Coleoptera)

Plaumannocoris Carvalho 1947 (Hemiptera)

Fritziella Marsh 1993 (Hymenoptera)