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Francisco Pereira Passos

Francisco Pereira Passos, Brazilian railway engineer (São João Marcos, Rio de Janeiro State 29 August 1836 – Atlantic Ocean 12 March 1913)

With US engineers solved the problem of steepness of the ravines in Dom Pedro II railway (in early 1860s)

Presented a technical solution for railway curve of maneuvering yard in Dom Pedro II railway

Employed a new system of inclined planes for transposition of mountain range (Serra do Cubatão) at Santos-Jundiaí railway (1868)

With João Teixeira Soares built a 30% runway with internationally unique features in Corcovado railway (1882-4)

Authored an extensive work about mechanic features of 42 types of woods used in railways (1864)

Authored Caderneta de Campo (Beaufort House Printing), a railway handbook that was translated into Italian (1872)


When studying in France (1857-60) was invited to field works, an uncommon situation to a foreigner  

Mayor of Rio de Janeiro (1902-6)


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