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Fernando Paulino

Fernando Paulino Soares de Souza, Brazilian surgeon (30 September 1906 – 19 February 1990)
Authored 300 works and book chapters

Developed Paulino’s procedure, a suture constriction of the lung upper lobe with partial thoracoplasty in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis

A toracoplastia com apicólise total e amarração de pulmão. Rev. Med. Cir. Brasil 56:7, 1948 

Thoracoplastie avec apicolise totale et ligature du sommet du pulmon. Giornata Mediche Internationale, Verona, Italy, July 28-31, 1949

Developed technique of jejunum pouch in total gastrectomy known as Paulino pouch

Gastrectomia. Descrição da técnica baseada em 140 operações sem mortalidade. O Hospital 39(2):165-77, 1951

A new technique of cholecystectomy

Colecistectomia: descrição da técnica baseada em 209 operações sem mortalidade. Rev. Bras. Cir. 21(3):197-204, 1951

With P. Pernambuco. Transthoracic esophagectomy: description of technic and preoperative and postoperative care. O Hospital 41(5):643-59, 1952

With C. De Aquino. Treatment of reflux esophagitis after esophagogastrectomy; successful use of a simple procedure. O Hospital 53(4):455-9, 1958

With P. Pernambuco. Technic of esophagogastrectomy with jejunal graft. O Hospital 56:909-17, 1959

With P. Pernambuco. Technic of resection of Vater's ampulla. Rev. Bras. Gastroenterol. 14:65-72, 1962

With A. Paulino Neto & G.D. Gonzalez. Technic of surgical treatment of hiatal hernia (Experience acquired in 100 operations). O Hospital 70(1):1-7, 1966

Basic principles that currently guide the surgeon in the treatment of a duodenal ulcer. O Hospital 71(5):1203-16, 1967

Introduced technical variants in esophagus, biliary and colon surgeries


With D. de Moraes & C.S. Leite. Basic ideas concerning the routine of postoperative care. O Hospital 61:1125-40, 1962

Apparatus for photography of the field of operation. Rev. Bras. Cir. 31(4):515-7, 1956

With S. Franco. Determination of anions and cations in the plasma with presentation of a method of recording results. Rev. Bras. Cir. 27(6):619-34, 1954


Honorary Fellow, American College of Surgeons

Elected Fellow, USSR Surgery Society