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Eduardo Palma

Eduardo Carlos Palma Bellmunt, Uruguayan surgeon (Montevideo 28 July 1907 – 1994)

Of Genovese descent from paternal side

Authored 223 scientific works

Developed a venous bypass for femoropopliteal arteriopathy employing autologous vein (1956)

First described surgical bypass of iliofemoral vein utilizing the contralateral saphenous vein as a crossover graft known as cross over vein graft or Palma operation 

With F. Risi, H. Tobler & F. del Campo. Tratamiento de los trastornos postflebiticos mediante anastomosis venosa safeno-femoral cotrolateral. Bull. Soc. Surg. Uruguay 29:135-45, 1958

With R. Esperon. Vein transplants and grafts in the surgical treatment of the post-phlebitic syndrome. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 1:94, 1960

Described juvenile syndrome of Hunter canal and ring of third adduct or stenosing juvenile arteriopathy of Hunter canal or Palma’s syndrome in chronic obliterative arteriopathies

Stenosed artheriopathy of the Hunter canal and loop of the adductor magnus. Amer. J. Surg. 83:723, 1952

Described the lesions known as hemodynamic arteriopathies, an important etiopathogenic cause of arteriosclerosis (1954-9)

Suggested the hemotraumatic origin of arteriosclerosis (1968)

Proposed the viral origin of schizophrenia (1952)


Developed a technique of transcecal ileostomy internationally known

Established a technique for identifying branchings of bile ducts via incisions

Perfected the sigmoid descending pull-trough and the Pfannenstiel operation

Simultaneous colostomy and ileostomy – ileostomy with an autonomically continent sphincter. World J. Surg. 6:130-7, 1982

A technique for posterior fossa exposure. Psychiat. Neurol. Neurochir. 65:97-102, 1962

With R.J. Rodríguez Martínez, W. Perillo & F. Fernandez. Technic of approach of the posterior fossa. Bol. Soc. Cir. Uruguay 30:82-93, 1959

With H. Delgado. Treatment of abdominal eventration by means of plastic repair with mobilization of the costal border. Bol. Soc. Cir. Uruguay 30:60-4, 1959 (a procedure for treatment of middle eventrations through resection of cartilaginous costal flanges)

Technic of osteoplastic craniotomy for brain surgery. Bol. Trab. Soc. Cir. Buenos Aires 41:25-41, 1957 (Sp. Number)

Perfectionization of thoracolaparotomy. An. Paul. Med. Cir. 69(2):133-51, 1955

With E. Peluffo, H.C. Bazzano & J.C. Beltrán. Cerebral hydatid cyst in a 3 year old child: surgical technic and results. Arch. Pediat. Uruguay 23(2):102-15, 1952

With J. Rodríguez Juanotena. Contribution to the technique of median laparotomy. Arch. Urug. Med. Cir. Espec. 36(6):517-24, 1950

Lumbar sympathectomy: technic and results. Bol. Soc. Cir. Uruguay 21(5):505-24, 1950

With C. Bordoni Posse & J.J. Estable. La tecnica de arteriografia de contraste y sus resultados. Rev. Inform. Terap. 19:106, 1937



Foreign Associate Member, Academie de Chirugie de France (1978)

Honorary Member, French Association of Surgery (1979)

Ratschow Gedachtnis Gold Medal, Germany (1983)