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Dulcie Alicia Powell

Dulcie Alicia Powell, Jamaican / US botanist (Albert Town 31 December 1924 – Leonardtown, Maryland, USA 15 May 2016)

Described the plant species Evolvulus antillanus 1979


With F.R. Fosberg, D. Otobed. M.H. Sachet, R. Oliver & J.E. Canneld. Vascular plants of Palau with vernacular names. (1980)

The Convolvulaceae of the Lesser Antilles. J. Arn. Arb. 60(2):219-71, 1979

With D.F. Austin & D. H. Nicholson. Convolvulus grandiflorus Jacquin (Convolvulaceae) re-examined. Brittonia 30:199-202, 1978

With D.F. Austin & D.H. Nicholson. Stictocardia tilifolia (Convolvulaceae) revisited. Brittonia 30:195-8, 1978

With R.A. Howard. The introduction of rubber producing species in the West Indies. Econ. Bot. 17:337-49, 1963

Spices in Jamaica (1963)

The mahogany and Jamaica (1962)

Cultural studies on some Hypocreales, including the genus Chaetomium (1954)


Powellia Batista & Peres 1964 (Fungi)