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Decio Paiola

Décio Paiola, Brazilian dental surgeon (São Paulo 19 April 1931 – São Paulo 03 December 2011)

With Janete Silva de Sousa performed the first approach surgery of mandible in a newborn employing osteogenic distraction with totally intraoral technique

The use of Intra Oral Distraction Osteogenesis for the Treatment of Severe Upper Airway Obstructive in Children with Micrognathia. J. Oral Maxill. Surgery 34(1):54, 2005

With M.M. Soares, F. Guerra & C. Soares. Implant position correction by distraction osteogenesis. Intern. J. Oral Maxill. Facial Surg. 43(1): 110, 2005

With M.M. Soares, F.L.B. Guerra & L.H.M. Marinho. Biodegradable screws for the fixation of alveolar distraction devices. Intern. J. Oral Maxill. Facial Surg. 43(1): 112, 2005

Described a cranioplasty technique in Revista Odonto 2(1), 1991


President, First International Congress of Osteogenic Distraction (2005)