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Clemente Pereira

Clemente Pereira, Brazilian zoologist (São João da Bocaina, São Paulo State 01 January 1906 – São Paulo 30 October 1958)

Authored 106 works being 70 of them scientific


A practical apparatus for culture and growth of monoxenic nematode larvae (1935)

A dispositif for xenodiagnosis for Chagas disease (1939)

With Z. Vaz a simple and rapid process for in toto-mounting of nematodes in balsam (1934)

A method for diaphanization of arthropods using an alcaline solution of sodium carbonate (1940)

With M.P. de Castro a method of argentic impregnation for studying internal morphology of microscopic invertebrates in toto-mounting (1943)

With H. Medina a staining technique for Leishmania specimens (1945) 

With Z. Vaz developed a technique for staining parasites

With L. Travassos Filho proposed employing Armadillidium vulgare (Crustacea) in preparation of vertebrate cranes (1934)  




Acanthorhabdias 1927

Iheringascaris 1935

Neocucullanus 1928 with Travassos & Artigas 

Paraleiuris 1929 with Vaz

Travnema 1938


Choledocystus 1941 with Cuocolo  

Creptotrema 1928 with Travassos & Artigas

Genarchella 1928 with Travassos & Artigas

Metagorgoderina 1940 with Cuocolo

Neogorgoderina 1940 with Cuocolo

Parahemiurus 1930 with Vaz

Teratotrema 1928 with Travassos & Artigas

Travtrema 1929


Temnohaswellia 1941 with Cuocolo

Temnomonticellia 1941 with Cuocolo


Amylophorus 1942 with Almeida


Rhinoptes 1951 with Castro

HONORS (Nematoda)

Clementeia Artigas 1930

Mentecle Travassos & Kloss 1958