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Bruno Carlos Palombini

Bruno Carlos Palombini, Brazilian pneumologist (Rio Grande do Sul State c.1935 - Porto Alegre 06 June 2015)

Authored over 290 papers and 4 books


With P.R.K. Souza. A new technique for improving the reproducibility of rate of sweating and sweat composition in the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis (1970)

With P.R.K. Souza. Cystic fibrosis: an improved diagnostic method utilizing constant current iontophoresis (1972)

Proposed a pulmonary cycle for Mammomanogamus laryngeus

With L.C. Severo, L.M. Conci, J.J. Camargo & M.R. André Alves. Syngamosis: two new Brazilian cases and evidence of a possible pulmonary cycle. Trans. Royal Soc. Trop. Med. Hyg. 82(3):467-8, 1988

With D.V. Godoy, C.S.O. Palombini & C.S. Martins Filho. Recognition of the type and pattern of bronchial asthma: suggestion of adoption of new classification upon the analysis of 258 cases. Chest 100:59, 1991

Proposed a progressive protocol for asthma control

With L.C.C. da Silva, J.L. Hetzel, L.M.C. da Silva & P.G. Cardoso. Um milagre na pneumologia: a solução terapêutica para os asmáticos. Rev. Med. Santa Casa 9(16):1651-61, 1998

Showed definitely the triad in chronic cough

With C.A.C. Villanova, E. Araújo, O.L. Gastal, D.C. Alt, D.P. Stolz & C.O. Palombini. A pathogenic triad in chronic cough. Asthma, postnasal drip syndrome and gastroesophageal reflux disease. Chest J. 116(2):279-84, 1999

Coined the term Airwayology to describe an integrated view of airway diseases

With N.S. Porto, E. Araújo & D.V. Godoy. Doença das vias aereas: uma visão clínica integradora (Viaerologia) (2001)     


Visiting Professor, University of Pennsylvannia

Who's Who in the World (1996)