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Authos Pagano

Authos Gloi Ischiros Mateo Domingo Pagano, Uruguayan-born Brazilian economist, lawyer, statistician and philosopher (Montevideo 21 September 1903/9 – São Paulo 12 March 1976)

Authored over 2,500 articles and 12 books

His doctoral thesis O coeficiente instantâneo de mortalidade (1939) gained acclaim and received a Cuban prize

His Lições de Estatística (1943) propelled British mathematician T.N.E. Greville to publish Laws of Mortality which satisfy a uniform seniority principle (1957)

His Lições de Estatística was translated into English by Michigan University (1952); a third edition of this book received a prize by Actuarial Institute of London (1956)

Authored a number of articles about astronomy in national and foreign journals (1940-50s)

He was honorary member of a great number of foreign cultural and scientific societies