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Arturo Posnansky

Arthur Posnansky, Austrian-born Bolivian anthropologist, archaeologist and geographer (Wien 13 April 1873 – La Paz 13 September 1946)

Proposed a new secondary sexual character

Un Nuevo caracter sexual secundario. Rev. Soc. Cient. Bolivia 1 (1930)

Developed a device for craniometric measures in photographies

Ein neues craneometrisches instrument und seine Verwendung zur Herstellung von Messbildern (1913)

Patented a machine for quinoa’s large-scale production

Gained international recognition for his studies about old civilizations of Titicaca Lake

Authored Tihuanacu, la cuna del hombre americano (1945), a classical work of universal archaeology


Posnanskytherium Liendo Lazarte 1943 (Fossil Mammalia)