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Antonio Carlos Pacheco e Silva

Antonio Carlos Pacheco e Silva, Brazilian neuropsychiatrist (São Paulo 29 May 1898 – São Paulo 27 May 1988)

Authored original studies about general pathology of syphilitic infection of the nervous centers with many citations in literature

Related the presence of Schaudinn spirochaeta in the tissues of nervous centers within the lymphatic channels (Virchow-Robin spaces) and in the proximity of the blood vessels, as well as in the intimate fibers of optic vessels

With C. Tretiakoff. Uma forma particular da síndrome peduncular alterna. Mem. Hosp. Juqueri 1:101-6, 1924

Eponym of Pacheco e Silva-Oliveira Bastos blepharospasm sign in Parkinson disease


President, World Federation for Mental Health (1960-1)