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Anita Dolly Panek

Anita Dolly Panek, Polish-born Brazilian biochemist (Cracow 01 September 1930 –
Authored about 160 papers

Determined the primary function of trehalose in baker’s yeast as an energy source for cell division

Function of trehalose in yeast cells. Arch. Biochim. Biophys. 98:349, 1962
Showed that endogenous trehalose protects cells against damage caused by freezing (1988)

Demonstrated that the trehalose is required for survival of cells when submitted to various kinds of stresses such as dehydration, ethanol, heat and germination

Purified partially baker’s yeast trehalase

With N.O. Souza. Purification and properties of baker’s yeast trehalase. J. Biol. Chem. 239(6):1671-3, 1964

Showed the existence of a trehalose transport mechanism in yeasts

With P.S. Araujo, A.C. Panek, J.H. Crowe & L.M. Crowe. Trehalose-transporting membrane vesicles from yeasts. Biochem. Int. 24(4):731-7, 1991



With A.S. Martins, D.N. Peixoto, L.M.C. Paiva & C.L. A. Paiva. A simple method for obtaining reusable reactors containing immobilized trehalase: Characterization of a crude trehalase preparation immobilized on chitin particles. Enzyme and Microbial Technology 38:486-492, 2006.
With B.U. Stambuk, J.H. Crowe, L.M. Crowe & P.S. Araújo. A Dependable Method For The Synthesis Of [C14] Trehalose. Anal. Biochem. 212:150-153, 1993.  
With R.M. Ferreira, M.B. Dutra, V.M.F. Paschoalin & J.T. Silva. A new method for the purification of yeast Hsp26p (1999)

With R.M.A. Soler et al. A simple enzymatic method for trehalose quantification (1996)

With P.S. Araújo, A.C. Panek & R.Ferreira. Determination of trehalose in biological samples by a simple and stable trehalase preparation. Anal. Biochem. 176(2):432-6, 1989

With A.B. Valle & J.R. Mattoon. Colorimetric determination of succinic acid using yeast succinate dehydrogenase. Anal. Biochem. 91(2):583-99, 1978


With E.C.A. Eleutherio patented a process for protecting and maintenance of human, animal and plant tissues employing trehalose PI9400068-9 (1994)
With C. Meleiro & V.M.F. Paschoalin developed a process for obtaining trehalose from Saccharomyces cerevisiae PI9303490-3 (1993) 

With N. Bachinski, V.M.F. Paschoalin & C.L.A. Paiva developed a process to obtaining, purification and immobilization of trehalase from Escherichia coli. Process employing soluble and/or immobilized trehalase in enzymatic dosage of trehalose (1993)