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Andrés Posada Arango

Andrés Posada Arango, Colombian physician, naturalist, geographer, ethnographer and historian (Medellín 11 February 1839 – Medellín 13 March 1923)

With Osorio introduced the term piedra and described clinical aspects of black piedra (1876)

Proposed the term bufin for active principle of frog poison (1871) 

Proposed that the diet could be detected in dead body due to reaction between blood and sulphuric acid in Estudios medico-legales relativos a la identidad. Anales Acad. Med. Medellin 3(11):322-39, 1891 

Aided in production of Dictionnaire Encyclopedique des Sciences Medicales



Bromelia longissima 1909

Cleome applanata 1909

Ficus minutaefolia 1909

Ficus venenata 1871

Oreodaphne oleifera 1891

Panopsis yolombo 1950

Pernettya locifolia

Smilax sanguinea 1909

Tagetes apetala 1872

Pisces (1909)

Astroblepus dux

Chaetostoma aburrensis

Chalceus flavicolis

Tetragonopterus rhomboidalis

Tetragonopterus sardina

Trichomycterus medellinensis


Foreign Correspondant Member, Societé Anthropologique de Paris (1870)

Bronze Medal, Societé Anthropologique de Paris (1872)

Invited to International Congress of Botany and Horticulture, Saint Petersburg, Russia (1883)

International Scientific Medal (1892)

Genus Posadaea Cogniaux 1890 (Cucurbitaceae)