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Amanda Pellegrino de Iraldi

Amanda Angela Pellegrino de Iraldi, Argentine (San Nicolás 1917 - Buenos Aires 22 February 2007)

Daughter of Italian immigrants
Authored over 150 works


First to describe spontaneous atherosclerosis of female rat

Obtained the first experimental generalized atherosclerosis

First to identify adrenergic synaptic vesicles

First to formulate the coexistence of neurotransmitters in nervous system


With G. Rodríguez de Lores & E. De Robertis developed original procedures for isolating synaptosomes and synaptic vesicles

With G. Rodríguez de Lores & E. De Robertis developed De Robertis method of differential centrifugation for isolation of synaptic terminals (1962)

With C.J. Tandler. A silver-reducing component in rat striated muscle. I. Selective localization at the level of the terminal cistern/transverse tubule system. Light and electron microscope studies with a new histochemical procedure. Histochemistry 92(1):15-22, 1989