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Alfred Polson

Alfred Gustave Polson, South African biochemist (Brandfort, OFS 11 March 1912 - 2001)

Demonstrated the possibility of protein fractioning of plasma by polyethylene glycol precipitation (1964)
Developed a number of techniques for separation and purification of animal and plant viruses such as precipitation by polyethylene glycol   
New amino acids in bacterial hydrolysates. Nature, 1948  


A new method for measuring diffusion constants of biologically active substances. Nature 154:223, 1944

A quantitative chromatographic method of analysis on filter paper (1948)

With J. Dent & S.M. Lawrence. Improved diluents for the production of African horse-sickness virus vaccine. Nature, 1951 

With G. Selzer. A rapid method for the purification of the MEF 1 strain of poliomyelitis virus. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 14:67, 1954

A method for determination of diffusion coefficients by the gel precipitin techniques. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 29:426, 1958 

A new method for measuring diffusion constants (1960)

With M.H.V. Van Regenmortel. A new method for determination of sedimentation constants of viruses. Virology 15(4):397-403, 1961  

A simple procedure for forming density gradients (1963)

With B. Russel & T.H. Mead. A method of preparing agarose. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 86, 1964 

With M.B. Von Wechmar. A new way to transmit plant viruses. J. Gen. Virology 51:179-81, 1980

With H. Alk & K. Achleitner. The sedimenting-droplet procedure for measuring fluid densities. Anal. Biochem. 107(1):25-31, 1980

With H. Epstein & K.J. Van der Merwe. A novel method of electrophoresis for the separation of individual human serum glycoproteins. Prep. Biochem. 17(2):109-20, 1987

Electro-extraction method and apparatus for rapid extraction of viruses from infected plant tissues (1993)


An electrophoresis apparatus for the rapid routine analysis of sera and other protein solutions. Ondersteport J. Vet Research 20:159, 1944

Electrophoresis apparatus for analyzing several sera simultaneously. Nature, 1951

Improved electrophoresis cell for the analysis of several sera simultaneously. Nature, 1952

A electrodecantation apparatus for isolation and purification of protein and viruses (1953)

A simplified fraction collector for gradient elution chromatography. J. Chromat. A 5:116-20, 1961

With L. Stannard a centrifugal rotor for concentrating viruses (1970)

A new capillary cell for measuring the rate of sedimentation of virus particles in a centrifugal field 


Method and apparatus for electro-decantation and its application for the separation of materials (1958)

Fractionation of mixtures of agarose and agaropectin (1965)

Chemically hardened gelatin-separating medium for chromatography and ion exchange and method for making the same (1972) with W. Katz

Ultracentrifuge rotor (1974) with K.J. Kaufmann

Influenza virus vaccine (1976)

Recovering purified antibodies from egg yolk (1982)

Carrier bound immunosorbent (1983) with K. J. Van der Merwe

Carrier bound immunogenic determinants (1983) with K. J. Van der Merwe

Manufacture and use of fowl egg antibodies (1985)

Carrier bound immunogenic determinants and carrier therefor (1990) with K. J. Van der Merwe