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Alexandrino Pedroso

Alexandrino de Moraes Pedroso, Brazilian bacteriologist  (Cotia, São Paulo State 1881 – São Paulo 1922)

With E. Brumpt first reported the importance of pets in epidemiological cycle of American cutaneous leishmaniasis (1913)

With José Maria Gomes observed first chromoblastomycosis or Lane-Pedroso-Gomes  disease (1911) but didn’t publish  until 1920, losing his priority to Max Rudolph. Its etiologic agent was named  Fonsecaea pedrosoi in his honor

With J.M.Gomes. Sobre quatro casos de dermatite verrucosa produzida por Phialophora verrucosa. An. Paul.Med. Cir. 11:53-1, 1920

With Pedro Dias da Silva first to growing Leishmania brasiliensis in culture

Introduced improvements in Nicolle medium