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Alejandro Posadas

Alejandro Posadas Martínez, Argentine physician and surgeon (Saladillo, Buenos Aires Province 28 December 1870 – Paris 21 November 1902)

First described coccidioidomycosis or Posadas-Wernicke disease and its histopathology

Un nuevo caso de micosis fungoidea con psorospermia. Circulo Med. Arg. 15:585-97, 1892

Modified Delorme incision to treat infected pleural effusions becoming a hydatid delivery with partial and temporary thoracoplasty, pulmonary anchorage, cyst treatment and wound closure without drainage (Posadas operation)

Cirurgia del pulmón (lesiones asepticas). Toracoplastia temporaria y parcial para la extirpación de los quistes hidatidicos de pulmon. Thesis (1898)

Developed subperiostal amputations 


Developed Posadas procedure for treatment of inguinal hernia


Developed fugitive thoracoplasty technique with muscle flap  


First reported exeresis of a pulmonary cyst  


Performed first scientific movie about a surgery in the world (1897)

Eponym of Chutro-Posadas fracture