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Alejandro C. Paladini

Alejandro Constantino Paladini, Argentine biochemist (Buenos Aires 19 April 1919 – 15 September 2012)
With L.F. Leloir identified and isolated 2 new coenzymes (1948)
With R. Caputto, C.E. Cardini and L.F. Leloir discovered sugar nucleotides, determined its chemical nature and showed that play a key role in sugar interconversion and polysaccharides synthesis (1948)
Established the structure of antibiotic tyrocidine A (1951-2)
With J.M. Dellacha, J.A. Santomé & M.A. Enero isolated and characterized ovine growth hormone (1970)
With J. A. Santomé & J.M. Dellacha elucidated amino acid sequence and the structure of bovine growth hormone (1973)
With R.D. Conde, J.A. Santomé & J.M. Dellacha isolated, characterized and purified equine growth hormone (1973)
With Pena, Medina, Novas & De Robertis discovered N-butyl-β-carboline-3-carboxylate that binds to cerebral benzodiazepine receptors (1986) 
With J.H. Medina, H. Viola & C. Wolfman proposed flavonoids as a new family of benzodiazepine receptor ligands (1997)


With Morris developed a method for determination of angiotensin in blood
With E. Braun-Menendez & O.A. Scornik. Further improvements on a method for the estimation of angiotensin in blood. Acta Physiol. Lat. Am. 10:64-7, 1960 
With N. Gonzalez Cadavid. Automatic amino acid analysis: reagent and instrumental improvements. Anal. Biochem. 9:170-4, 1964  
Eponym of Paladini-Leloir solvent


With B.K. Cassels, F.J. Dajas, J.H. Medina & R.H. Silveira. Flavonoid and biflavonoid derivatives, their pharmaceutical compositions, their anxiolytic activity    US5756538 (1998) & US 6004998 (1999)

With J.H. Medina. Use of nitroflavonoids for the treatment of anxiety. US6080780 (2000)