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Adel Barreto Pinto

Adel Barreto Pinto, Brazilian railway engineer (São Gabriel, Rio Grande do Sul State 12 June 1859 – Rio de Janeiro 20 April 1927)
Several discoveries and mechanical inventions attributed to him


A new method of preserving meat, fats, birds and other foods employing electricity (1891)

Fat maintenance (1893)

Process for preserving meat CA47814A (1895)

 Signalling for railroads (1903) & (1907)

Exploitation of electric power produced by train for railroad signalling  (1903)

Hydraulic elevator for electricity output  (1905)

Maintenance, sterilization and transportation of dairy products, juices and wines (1906)

Electric sign for railroads (1907)

Adel automated block system to avoid railroad collisions (in Brazil and abroad)