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Teodoro Oniga

Teodoro Oniga, Romanian-born Brazilian engineer (Iapa, Maramures County 02 February 1917 – 
Authored over 170 works
With F. Schiel. Some new methods of dust analysis. Chem. Abstr. 43:61, 1949

Developed flat collectors with selective surface and a solar refrigerator with ammonia cycle

Absorption cooling units with fixed conoidal reflector. UN Conference on New Sources of Energy 6S70, 1964
Proposed Oniga trivalent ternary logic (1974)

Found new vegetable oils from seeds of Jatropha pohliana, Jatropha curcas, Joannesia princeps and Talauma ovata

With A.J.B. Barreto. Novos oleos vegetais brasileiros. Informativo do INT 12(21):3-6, 1979


Process and apparatus for true color reproduction PI0103697-1 A2 (2001)

True xerographic pentachromatic color reproduction PI0200460-7 A2 (2002)

PI0419454-3 (2004)