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Roy Oosthuizen

Roy Don Frederick Oosthuizen, South African amateur paleontologist (East London 09 December 1923 – Prins Albert, Zwartskraal 20 September 1999)

Collected several invertebrate species from the Bokkeveld Group


With C.D. Waterston & B.W. Oelofsen. Cyrtoctenus wittenbergensis sp.nov. (Chelicerata: Eurypterida), a large sweep-feeder from the Carboniferous of South Africa. Trans. Roy. Soc. Edinburgh, Earth Sci. 76:339-58, 1985

Preliminary catalogue and report on the biostratigraphy and palaeogeographic distribution of the Bokkeveld fauna. Trans. Geol. Soc. S. Afr. 87:125-40, 1984

An attempt to determine the provenance of the Southern Dwyka from palaeontological evidence. Palaeont. Africana 24:27-9, 1981

With M.R. Cooper. Archaeocyatha-bearing erratics from the Dwyka subgroup (Permo-Carboniferous) and their importance to continental drift. Nature 247:396-8, 1974    


Oosthuizenella Cooper 1982 (Trilobita)