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Odriozola family

Manuel Odriozola Romero, Peruvian physician (Lima 26 March 1826 – Lima 27 June 1888)

First to perform special studies over nasal miyasis

Authored the first study about Peruvian verruca or bartonellosis in Estudio acerca de la verruga peruana (1858)

Authored Verrugas i gusanera de las narices in Gaceta Medica de Lima 1:140, 1858, a work that was praised by French medical community

His son, Ernesto Odriozola Benavides, physician (Lima 06 May 1862 – Lima 16 March 1921)

His doctoral thesis Les lésions du coeur consecutives a l’atherome des coronaires (1888) received a gold medal from Faculté de Medecine de Paris

Authored La maladie de Carrión ou verruga peruvienne (1898), the most complete work about it until its day