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Nei Fernandes de Oliveira Jr.

Nei Fernandes de Oliveira Jr., Brazilian physicist (Campinas, São Paulo State 20 May 1941 –

With Y. Shapira discovered virtual bicritical point (1979-80)

With C. Becerra & Y. Shapira discovered Lifshitz multi critical point (1980)


A system for measuring differential magnetic susceptibility down to 0.3 K using modulated field

A system for precise measurements of magnetization in plastic dilution refrigerators (1994)

With G. Vellego & A. C. Medugno a continuous process for production of NbTi superconducting nanowires

Technology for obtaining ultra low temperatures under intensive magnetic fields

Designed and built devices for cryogenic research

A new generation of resonant detectors employing spherical antennas

With André B. Henriques GaAs based semiconducting structures (1990s)

A Variable Temperature Chamber (Insert Dewar) For Superconducting Magnets With A Built-In He Transfer Line. Cryogenics 15: 293, 1975.

With H. Vargas. Construction of  a Set of Coils For Precise Magnetic Susceptibility Measurements at Liquid Helium Temperatures. Anais Acad. Bras. Cien. 41:505, 1969.

With C.J. A. Quadros. A cryostat for measurements of magnetic susceptibility between 0.3 and 20 K. J. Sci. Instr. (J. Phys. E) 2 ser. 2:967, 1969

With C. J. A. Quadros. Construction and Operation of A Potencia 3 He Refrigerator. Anais Acad. Bras. Cien 36:403, 1964

With G. Frossati patented  small Plastic Dilution Refrigerators in United States, Japan and Europe (1990s)